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Safe, Secure, & Convenient

Keep Your Glasses/Sunglasses Handy

SAFE:  The felt lining combined with the uniquely formed shell and solid backing help protect your glasses from being scratched, bent, and broken

SECURE:  Three powerful magnets on the back of the Caddie provide strong adhesion to any ferrous metal surface

CONVENIENT:  Now your glasses are always handy whether you're on the golf course, at home, at work, or play

Durable & Lightweight

Hear it from the Pros

Adhere to Any Non-Metal Surface with our Mounting Plate

Endless Applications

Fits Most Sunglasses Too!


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How do the Eyeglass and Sunglass Caddies work?

Simply stick the Caddie on any ferrous metal surface and the magnets will provide a strong bond to keep your glasses safe and secure.  

Will the Eyeglass Caddie work with all types of eyeglasses?

Yes, virtually all types of reading and prescription eyeglasses will fit in the Caddie.

Will the Sunglass Caddie fit my Oakley's and Maui Jim's?

Absolutely!  The Sunglass Caddie was specifically designed to fit all styles and sizes of sunglasses including the broad arm shapes of many Oakley's and Maui Jim's.

Are the magnets strong enough to hold the Caddie securely while driving on bumpy terrain?

Yes, the three neodymium magnets provide a solid, firm bond to hold securely in virtually all rough conditions. 

Will the magnets scratch the mounting surface?

No.  The Eyeglass Caddie is completely covered in a soft, durable fabric that prevents scratching any surface it is mounted to.  

What if I don't have a ferrous metal surface to stick it to?

We offer our 1" x 5" steel Mounting Plate with double-stick foam tape so you can literally mount the Caddie on any surface -- Wood, Glass, Plastic, Fiberglass, etc.

Can the Eyeglass/Sunglass Caddie be used in other applications?

Absolutely!  Either with or without our 1" x 5" steel Mounting Plate you can now keep your glasses and sunglasses safe, secure and convenient anywhere you desire.  Boating, fishing, hunting, workshop, refrigerator, office cube, tractor, 4 wheeler, -- you are limited only by your imagination!!

Can the Eyeglass/Sunglass Caddie be monogrammed with my logo?

Yes, the Sunglass Caddie can be imprinted with your logo making it the perfect gift for corporate and special events.  The Eyeglass Caddie is not currently available for custom imprinting.  For more information, contact us at

Does the Eyeglass Caddie come in other colors?

The Eyeglass Caddie is available in green only at this time, however, the NEW Sunglass Caddie is available in light blue, dark blue, and green.  More new colors are coming June 1st with the addition of black, white, and red.

Can I place a bulk order?

Yes, we can ship as many as you need. Email for details.

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