Hacker Paradise Review

Hacker Paradise Review

Full Review Here: https://www.thehackersparadise.com/the-eyeglass-caddie/

Sometimes a product gets sent in and you look at it and say “Why didn’t I Think of That” and yesterday was one of those days. Simple, necessary and works perfectly is the best way to describe the Eyeglass Caddie, but the what and the how also matter.

A small box arrived to the office and upon opening it, this small eyeglass holder was sitting there. Simple enough in design, it is open on the top for easy in and out holstering with a flat back side that houses a strong magnet.

The Eyeglass Caddie mounted on our personal golf cart

The purpose is to drop this similar to the way most use the magnet on rangefinders currently, right on the side bar of the golf cart. Be it for reading glasses or sunglasses, it works flawlessly and testing it out on long cart rides over bumpy terrain, the Eyeglass Caddie never failed.

The sheer amount of golfers that wear sunglasses while playing, but prefer not to use them for reading greens or even swinging is astronomical. I was a golfer that used to throw them down on the ground next to my putter cover so I wouldn’t forget the pair. That is until I stepped on the last pair and I adjusted to just not wearing sunglasses on the course.

The Eyeglass Caddie changes that. Wearing all day until swing time or walking up to the green and having a simple place in the cart where they are safe from scratches, yet providing easy access.

Again, it goes back to the question, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. Someone did. It’s not an overly expensive item at under $19 at the time of this writing and if you use a push cart rather than a riding option, they even offer a mounting plate for a few dollars that fits the Eyeglass Caddie perfectly.

After a few trials, this is a permanent addition to my golf bag and I wanted to share it for those that play in sunglasses, eyeglasses or have readers with them on the course. Check out their website at www.theeyeglasscaddie.com.

We are not affiliated with the company and are not offered any compensation for these thoughts or views.

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