Wherever you go!

Wherever you go!

There are endless applications for the Eyeglass Caddie. The Caddie will stick to any ferrous metal surface. Check out some of the examples above.

If your house is anything like mine, we have multiple readers scattered all over that we can never find. Now, we just stick the Caddie to the fridge and we always know where at least one pair is!!

When you're in the garage and you can’t see if it’s a flat head or phillips head you need, make sure you have the Caddie stuck on your workbench or tool box.

Or, if you’re working on your car and can’t see where you dropped the bolt, make sure you have your Caddie stuck to the car. The Eyeglass Caddie and it’s magnets are completely covered in fabric to ensure it will not scratch any surface.

Are you a hunter? Stick the Caddie to your 4 wheeler or in your blind.

Do you drive a tractor or other industrial machinery? The Eyeglass Caddie can ensure that you always have your glasses handy, safe and secure when you need them.

But WAIT……… What if there’s not a metal surface to stick the Caddie?

That’s why we offer the Eyeglass Caddie mounting bracket. A small 1”x5” metal plate along with a piece of ½”x4” double sided foam tape so you can easily mount the bracket to any surface (wood, glass, plastic, fiberglass, etc) and now you can stick your Caddie anywhere!

Are you a fisherman? The Eyeglass Caddie with mounting bracket is ideal to have your glasses handy for tying on flies, lures and untangling those nasty rats nests!!!

Are you confined to a cubicle at work? Mount the Caddie in your cube and you always have ready access to your glasses when trying to read the fine print on your computer or important docs to proof read and edit.

As you can see, the applications for the Eyeglass Caddie are endless and are limited only by your imagination!

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